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Why choose Vivid
Caretakers & Officeboys

Vivid aims to provide the best cleaning service in Oman; by providing skilled labors for your property to take care and keep clean, and here’s why:

Trained Labors

We supply trained labors to your property depending on their job title.

Your property, our responsibility.

Continuous Supervision

Our supervisors continuously visit the cleaners on monthly bases.

Supervision is required.

Cleaning Materials

The cleaning materials is supplied by Vivid to ensure sparkling cleaning.

Leave the headache to us.

Reasonable Costs

Vivid charges reasonable costs for the labors we provide.

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Safety Equipments

On demand, we provide the cleaners with safety equipment.

Safety matters to us.

Major Cleaning

Need special cleaning jobs? Our caretakers can take care of that.

Customer satisfaction matters the most.

It’s not about the services,
It’s about ‘YOU’!

Our staff are highly trained to work in any facility in Oman (Buildings, offices, hospitals, schools, banks, etc…)

Vivid provides labors specially trained for your facility needs.

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